Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lake County MN 90 Acres Hunting Land Lease

90 acres in Lake County, MN. Located just a short drive from Duluth.

This property is mixed with all mature timber (birch, balsam, cedar, spruce, aspen), except for the sugar maple forest on top of and to the south of cliff, with 12 acres of advanced deciduous regeneration. There is a 500 yard cliff, up to 80 feet high that runs east-west through the middle of the property. From the top of the cliff there are sweeping views of the property.

Landowner says that there is 1000+ acres of county and state land bordering to the south. There is limited public access to it because of terrain, much of it is surrounded by private property, and lack of roads. He also notes that it has excellent grouse hunting potential.

-Maximum of 5 hunters on the signed lease.
-No ATV's or trapping.
-All legal game property with exception to wolf and bear hunting.
-Only temporary hang-on, climber or ladder stands can be used and absolutely no tree pegs or spikes. No permanent deer stands.
-Tent camping will be allowed only or you can park a trailer at the North Shore State Trail parking area.

Landowner reserves the right for the following to be allowed with notification to the leaseholder of the dates of expected visits.
-Landowner property visits
-installation of a short tower by U of MN. personnel for bird migration study, followed by visits every two weeks to check that solar power is working and maintenance as needed.
-visits by a stewardship forester and county forester in conjunction with renewing the stewardship plan and conducting an ecological evaluation of the property.

** We are an aggregator of lease listings and are not the lessors of the properties  

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